The session you will experience is a blending of the interests you have selected on My Submission Form. If you have a desire that is not listed, feel free to add it under “curiosities.” Please familiarize yourself with My limitations before asking about a type of activity I blatantly do not enjoy. I have thorough screening methods, and require a non-refundable deposit for all types of sessions (rescheduling may be an option, depending on your circumstances). 


Specialty Sessions


Meet and Greet

A Meet and Greet session is one hour of chatting over coffee, lunch or dinner. This type of session is ideal for the nervous newbie, as well as for individuals who eschew screening over electronic media. In addition to chatting, this is an excellent way to receive many of My used items for sale, including consumables. Meet and Greet availability depends on restaurant seating constraints during COVID-19.



Overnight sessions are eight hours of uninterrupted play, typically occurring from 10pm/11pm to 6am/7am the following day. These types of sessions are perfect for extended bondage, ignore/abandonment fetish, and sensory deprivation. Overnight sessions may also occur during the day. Parking for extended sessions is ample and discrete.


Bondage and Milking

Bondage and Milking sessions incorporate heavy bondage, sensory deprivation and My SeriousKit Milking Machine. These types of sessions are best suited for individuals who have previously experienced and enjoy inescapable bondage and sensory deprivation. The constant flow of lubricant, and extraction of all fluids produced, ensures this type of session can extend from a few hours well into the next day (minimum 2 hour session).


Saline IV Inflation

Saline IV inflation sessions are for experienced individuals with recent references from a professional Dominant. The duration of time required for inflation depends on your level of hydration, rate of absorption and ability to manage pain. I have saline syringes available to give a brief sensation of what type of pain this session elicits. If you have a strong aversion to burning pain, this is not the session for you.


Discount Whipping

Discount whipping sessions are designed with My pleasure and skill-building in mind. These types of sessions are for seasoned masochistic submissives or bottoms, with recent references from a professional Dominant. Whip marks from these sessions may last up to two weeks, depending on your healing ability. The whip used is a 4 foot leather signal whip, not to be confused with My floggers or dragon tail whip. I will not be taking into consideration any of your other kinks, desires or fetishes. I will be in comfortable clothing and barefoot. You will be assigned code words (SSC), and be expected to communicate when requested. Warm up methods include flogging, spanking and light caning. There will be time allotted for cool down and aftercare. Inform Me of your preferred method of warmup and aftercare before the session. Discount whipping sessions can also be an “add on” to a regular or specialty session, wherein I DO take into consideration your interests, kinks and fetishes for the remainder of the session.