chicago dominatrix submissive puppy play leather animal mask fantasy doiminatrix

Role play, puppy play and age regression tap into a deep seated desire to create vast scenarios that transport you into O/our imaginary world. Pet play can range from gentle obedience and belly rubs, to humiliating derogatory scenarios. My extensive collection of puppy gear includes My leather puppy mask, leashes, collars, balls, chew toys, dog bowls and an extra large cage for disciplining rambunctious pups. 

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Whether you are a helpless baby, a fussy toddler or naughty youth in need of disciplining, I will guide your regression with maternal authority. Toys, feedings, ABDL sized clothing and diapers will transport you back to a simpler time. Toddler games, storytelling and coloring allow you to focus on your inner child. My school paddle will ensure any rebellious youth learns the valuable lesson of discipline, and there’s no better recipe for obedience than a good old fashioned over the knee spanking!