Review by goldmedalsub

The first session with any Mistress is full of a combination of excitement and anxiety. From the moment I stepped into Domina Fathom’s clutches, I realised I had entered the space of an expert Domina. Domina Fathom took control immediately and somehow descending the steps into her beautifully appointed space one had the feeling of being able to leave the real world behind.  Just the headspace one would want to be in. Domina Fathom took control.. beginning with an intimate examination as She towered over me in Her alluring nurse costume, prodding, touching, pinching and just creating enough mental uncertainty that allowed Her total dominance to show through. Blindfolded I was led to Her bondage table and then She seemed to move into a zen like state as I was tied, immobilised and totally exposed for Her whims. The session was about Her pleasure, Her power and Her control. She used not only the traditional implements of Her craft with an expertise and a touch that seemed to electrify and excite Her as much as it did me, but also Her beautiful body to claim and seduce me. Her own pleasure exploded when She, to climax the session, showered me with Her wonderful golden nectar as I lay helpless, restrained and ultimately supremely happy… And it if is “aftercare” that you seek then you will get it from Domina Fathom in spades… Chicago or wherever W/we can meet, I will be back.


Review by pet b

Dear Domina Fathom,
Thank You so very much for allowing me to be in Your presence! i can not even believe how deviously creative You are Domina! You were able to take what i thought could only be a fantasy and make my deepest fetishes into a RT scene i will never forget and for that i am so grateful. Domina Fathom Your beauty and deamenor is more than i could have every imagined. Being able to worship and serve You in the ways You desired for me to serve brought me into such deep subspace it is hard to put into words. All i can say is i can not wait until the day i am lucky enough to kneel at Your feet and be lead even deeper into submission by You Domina. Again thank You so very much for allowing me the privilege to be in Your presence Domina Fathom and i can not wait to be able to visit again soon.
Yours to us as You Desire,
pet b